Founding Members of Management Team


Jaro Sulc (ex-Sun Microsystems, ex-Oracle)
Founder, CEO LangLinx, Program Manager for European languages
LinkedIn Professional Background

Jaro holds a university degrees in mechanical engineering from the Technical University of Brno and the University of Michigan, Detroit, USA. In the years 1993-1996 Jaro was working as an Engineering Analyst at DDC - a former subsidiary of General Motors where he started to be interested in technical documentation and translations of technical documentation into foreign languages. In the year 1997, Jaro started his carrier directly in the translation industry as Translation Project Manager and later TPM Lead at ADS CZ, Prague, Czech Republic. In 2006 was Jaro hired by Sun Microsystems as a TPM and Later Senior Translation Program Manager for European G11n center based in Prague, Czech Republic.

In the year od 2013, Jaro officially registered the first branch office of LangLinx Alliance in a collaboration with former employees of Sun Microsystems and Oracle alliance which is successfully growing and currently offers services in several geographical regions with a specialization on Chinese vs. European translation and localization services and markets.


The LangLinx branch company registered in China was founded in 2019 by 2 long-term colleagues and friends from the Globalization departments of Sun Microsystems and Oracle. Over the years both founders acquired vast experiences with translation and localization projects for Chinese and European languages using the state-of-art translation technologies and translation management systems and technologies:



Carter Hu Jia (ex-Sun Microsystems, ex-Oracle)
Co-Founder, CEO LangLinx China and Program Manager for Chinese locale

 Carter graduated from Central South University in China and holds a bachelor's degree in computer science. After graduation, he started his career as a software programmer. In the year 2002, to better utilize his English skills, he moved to Beijing and joined the localization industry. Carter has played many roles in the localization industry, including localization engineer, translator, reviewer, programmer manager and business manager, he excelled in all of them.

In the year 2005, Carter joined the tech giant Sun Microsystems as a TPM (translation programmer Manager), this is where he systematically learned how does globalization work in huge corporation.  Sun was later acquired by Oracle but Carter continued to serve as a programmer manager in Oracle's Globalization division until 2019.

In 2019, Carter officially registered the Langlinx China office in Beijing. Cooperating with the already established langlinx European office, we now provide coverage for both Asian and European languages with good quality and competitive price.